Easy Mezze; Crackers and Dipper Suggestions

Selection of crackers and dippers available in NZ 2023

We all have our preferences when it comes to crackers and dippers, these are my favourites this year. I try to match flavour profiles and styles to what I am serving.  Otherwise, crisp fresh and robust are my watchwords when shopping for mezze accompaniments.

KIKI Seed Cracker Mix. You mix this up yourself, spread it on a tray and bake. Very simple and it is gluten and dairy-free, handy to have on hand. Stays crisp well when stored in an airtight jar. You can make it as thin or thick as you like and also break it up into whatever sizes you like. Pictured is the Rosemary and Garlic flavour, I also like the Chili Cumin Mix. They seem to be in lots of specialty stores, but they have an online store too. Linked in title.

Tortilla Chips:  There are a few great NZ brands to support, I like Tio Pablo, Mexicano (which grew out of a Wellington Restaurant)  and GoNutz .  All three are NZ family-run companies.

La Panzanella Mini Whole Wheat Croccantini. This seems to be the staple specialty store (and some A-grade supermarkets) cheeseboard cracker.  From the US.  They don't break easily, so you can actually get that gooey cheese to stick on without the dreaded snap.

Ines Rosales.  These are my favourite, I usually serve the blue ones with a slightly sweet glaze and anise seeds.  Amazingly delicious with hard cheeses or any terrine. I'll have one with a coffee for breakfast.  Individually wrapped, from Spain.

Bruscetta here is made with Herb Turkish Bread from The Kaeo Bread Company (the bread rolls are so good they cause fights) and the Wholemeal Sourdough from Wild Wheat. These I drizzle with oil and BBQ before sprinkling with salt.

I don't like flimsy crackers, my guest clothes aren't keen to be covered in cheese and dips. You won't find a falwasser in my house.

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