About us

The Wine List makes sure you are the host with the most!

At thewinelist.co.nz we deliver wine by the box.  Laura (see below), scourers the top wine lists in the land making sure The Wine List has the most desirable collection of wines. It is tough work and involves lots of tiresome dinners out  😍

Our bottle price will knock your socks off, so when you buy a case – not only are you winning, but you are enjoying wine at home that is found on restaurant menus and in specialty wine stores.

How we started:

Thewinelist.co.nz was born in the spare bedroom during the first lockdown. We learned vital lessons about being together, time with friends and family, and building shared memories. 

Inspired always by togetherness, we have been furiously working with great wineries to bring you delicious flavours, news of events in the wine and food world and glimpses into your local dining scene.

Who are we?

Laura Faire is an owner, General Dogs Body and Girl Friday at The Wine List.  Chatting to customers, and wineries, doing techie stuff and creating and photographing recipes for you as the in-house food writer.

In past lives, Laura worked in IT in London investment banks specialising in the derivatives market. Before having had an about-turn and training and working as a chef, leading into a food writing career, including running Nestle NZ test kitchens, publishing 3 books, being a regular on the Good Morning Show and having her recipe column in The Sunday Star Times.  She joyously juggles 3 children and a husband with a boat.

Andy is the other owner, he prefers a low profile, and pops in and out, doing all the business support and advising required in such a fun, exciting and growing business.

Join us by subscribing to our Mailing List,  following our blog "The Wine Life".  Or quietly watching as we share and promote industry-wide happenings on Facebook, And let us inspire you via Instagram.

 Laura at Omni 23 Laura at Omni Restaurant (Dec 23)

Together, let's preserve our connections with great local cuisine and make it easy for you to share our selection of the most fantastic wines.


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