Happy Christmas 2023


This is a quick note to all of you who have supported us in 2023. 

I have loved dedicating myself to your hosting and shared times together throughout this year.  We have weathered a World Cup and an Election. But since this business started in a spare bedroom during COVID, things are looking up! I am writing this from my kitchen table, while my 3 girls watch Mama Mia.

I have spoken with so many of you this year, I love it when you call me from restaurants to place orders for what you are drinking. I am thankful for every upbeat response to a vintage roll, especially when it comes with a chat and a recommendation.

My plan this year has been one of ABC's. 

A). More chat,

B) More fabulous wines 

C) More ease of navigation.

Those of you who are signed up for the newsletter have been enjoying and sharing our newsletter and recipes with friends.  Thanks for coming to join me on social media this year, it's a great place for a casual chat in the comments. 

You have received the 10 new wineries with excitement. I am hoping the new drop-down menus and collections are contributing to your navigation. It certainly feels like it as I support your wines from sales to doorsteps all over NZ.

In 2024 I hope to bring you the same brilliant wines, with the same personal service. I have a few ideas for next year, so stay tuned.

Have a very Merry Christmas, 


Picture of Laura Faire 2023 Chrismas wreath

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