Japanese-style fresh fish escabeche


Urban EscabecheThis Japanese-style fresh fish escabeche is head chef Jay Clement’s favourite item on the menu, and one that has been kept even after most of the menu was refreshed after the Covid-19 lockdown period. Here’s how to prepare the curing marinade for the fish.

45g palm sugar

50g soy sauce

200g rice wine vinegar

1 thumb ginger

1 lemongrass stalk


Warm all together until sugar has dissolved, cool completely before use.

Cure for 4 hours.

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Makes: Enough for each person to have 200g of fresh fish

Notes: I tested this recipe with three commonly available NZ white fish.

Ling which took 10 minutes plus resting 5.

Gurnard and Tarakihi both took 7 minutes plus resting. 

The resting gives you a bit of wriggle room but look for fillets about the same size.  With the Ling for example I folded the tail of the fillets under to make them the same width as the fatter section of the fillet. 

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