Madam Woo

Madam Woo is a riot of wonderful flavours with a joyous, lively atmosphere. This restaurant is a great place to delight in amazing wines.  Drawing influence from Chinese and other Asian cultures, their menu offers big, bold flavours with a modern twist. 

You can find a Madam Woo in Queenstown, Hamilton and Takapuna Auckland. One of the things people struggle with is matching sophisticated wines with fantastic Asian-inspired meals.

Owner Fleur Caulton recommends Codice Tempranillo with the Madam Woo signature dish Beef Rendang. The much ordered favourite Sambal Prawns works excellently with Mahi Pinot Gris.  Two wine matches well worth a try next time you are making exciting Asian inspired food at home.

Madam Woo has a fantastic Drinks List. They sell these two wines by the glass. Perfect if you need an excuse to go out and try some excellent wine and awesome eats before you stock up at home.

Madam Woo Rendange and Codice

We LOVE the Drinks List at Madam Woo. You'll need to take a few friends as there are plenty of wines to enjoy by the glass. Savour the memories of your super fun night and buy these great wines from us when you get home...






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