Amano, Auckland

AMANO Restaurant in downtown Auckland creates rustic Italian inspired dishes from only local seasonal New Zealand produce. 

We know it is a favourite of The Wine List customers as it was our most tipped restaurant during our COVID years "Tip a Restaurant" campaign. This is not surprising as we share a passion for good wine.  The drinks menu at Amano has 8 of the wines we sell.

This makes Amano a great place to try out a glass or a bottle before you grab a box of six from us. 

 The following wines are available from us and on the list at Amano (13/03/23)

As the writer and customer services person for The Wine List, I had two calls from customers sitting in the restaurant to order a box or two of the Nino Franco Prosecco last year.  These calls are always hilarious, and I love that the wine is in your home, ready for the next party.

With my chef and food writer hat on, I highly recommend the food at AMANO. I have eaten there 3 times in the last 18 months.  It is consistently delicious with exemplary service. Seeing local producers featured throughout the menu always assures me that they are using the freshest and best possible ingredients. You can also see the bread and pasta being made onsite and pick some up from their Bakery/Pasta counter to take home with you. 

My pick of the current lunch and dinner menus are:


CHITARRA, SCAMPI, TOMATO & CHILLI (Auckland Islands scampi & square strands of egg dough pasta)

CHICKEN LIVER PATE, BLACKBERRY, MUSTARD & ONION (Hawke's Bay organic chicken liver)

Also, get in quick for the MERINGUE (Peach, raspberry & elderflower) while there are still summer peaches. 

By: Food Writer Laura Faire

AMANO is at 68 Tyler Street, Auckland CBD, Bookings and walk-ins welcome +64 09 394 1416

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